A weekend in the West Country

At the weekend I took a very long drive down to Devon with the express purpose of visiting John Arbon Textiles for their open weekend. That Saturday morning didn’t disappoint at all. I purchased a lot of yarn (all for specific projects… I was very good at not buying pretty for the sake of it) and seeing all the vintage machinery doing their thing was fascinating. I snapped a few photos for Instagram which you can see here.

While I am very glad I made the journey I really do regret not having more time to explore. I have the odd snap from a couple of stops but my favourite place I visited was Boscastle. Such a cute little town nestled in the North Cornwall coastline. I had beautiful weather and it was relatively free of tourists since I think half the country was watching the royal wedding followed by a very important (apparently) football game. Lucky for me neither of those things interested me at all so I was free to enjoy the beautiful scenery instead.

I didn’t want to leave.

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