Blasting away those cobwebs

This weekend has been just what I needed to feel refreshed and excited about the new year.

Sam came to visit for the weekend so I got to play tour guide around some of my favourite places. The weather was good, the food was delicious and the conversation was fantastic! It was the perfect antidote to the post-christmas/back to work blues.

Saturday was spent wandering around Cambridge, taking in all that beautiful architecture (something I must admit I’d become a little numb to over the years but it really is a beautiful city) and venturing through some of the college grounds (both Clare and Pembroke were lovely).

Today was was just as nice; an amazing breakfast at Arbuckles (they play live jazz music on a Sunday morning), a refreshing** walk on the beach at Heacham and then a stop in Castle Rising village to say hi to some sheep.

I know it’s barely a week into 2018 but I must admit I’ve been struggling to care about much at all. This weekend has definitely cleared away some of that new year apathy and I am ready to start planning adventures!

** Refreshing = freezing cold. But worth it!

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