Autumn colours

Hinchingbrooke Country Park is one of my most favourite places to go for a wander as the seasons change. My standard route through the woodland and back along the river usually takes me an hour, and most times that’s enough to calm my mind a little. I’ve visited twice in the past week; once at the weekend and then again on Thursday. Saturday was busy with families enjoying the warm weather, with all the kids swinging plastic bags full of the conkers they had collected. By the way… having conkers dropping on your head from the trees is painful. I got hit with at least three… I felt like I was being attacked by the trees! Thursday was blissfully quiet and my only company were the squirrels chasing each other through the leaves.

I’m not wishing the warmer weather away or anything but I’ve got a box full of hand-knits ready to wear. Bring on a chilly autumn day!

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