Knitting while fat

Hey, so… I’m fat.

I don’t use the F word to garner sympathy or in hope someone will declare me to be anything but fat. I use it because that’s what I am and I’m ok with that. Most of the time people feel the only way to respond to such a blunt statement is to throw other adjectives at me; I’m curvy, squishy, plus-size, big boned… I’ve heard them all and to be quite frank about the whole thing… I really don’t care for any of them. I’m fat. End of story.

But this post isn’t really about that. This is a post about knitting… and knitting clothing when you’re not the shape of a skinny tree branch.

When I first decided I wanted to knit a garment I struggled for a long time wondering if I should bother at all. There are some great patterns out there that have instructions for knitting anything from an XS up to XXXL… but the ones I really liked seemed to all be designed by people far slimmer than I. I worried that patterns which were being sized up by plugging in the numbers would actually look atrocious on me because they were initially made to sit on a smaller frame. Did I really want to waste all that time (I’m not the fastest knitter) and considerably more yarn (oh how I’d love to knit a whole cardigan out of four skeins of wool) on something that ultimately wasn’t designed to sit on a fat body shape?

Well… yes, actually. Because I had learned how to knit and dammit I wanted a hand-knit jumper!

So I bought the Seacoast pattern and got to work. It took me forever and in the end… it didn’t fit so well. But I also realised that it wasn’t the patterns fault, it was all me and my self-confidence as a knitter. I could have made that jumper fit perfectly but at the time I just didn’t have the knowledge or the confidence to modify the pattern myself.

Since then I’ve knit myself a cardigan (a smidge too short but otherwise fits great) and a chunky knit pullover (way way too big… I still have no idea how that happened) and both times I’ve learned a little more about how I can tweak and modify a pattern to suit me. I’m currently knitting a Keera jumper and I’ve learned enough from my past mistakes that I’m confident my mods will allow it to fit that way I want it to. The best thing is that if I don’t like it? I can rip it out and start again.

Knitting while fat isn’t as scary as it used to be. There’s a great freedom in knowing nothing hand knit is permanent and that everything can be modified to fit any body shape.

As a side note: I’ve lost 19lbs since I started knitting my Keera. It’ll probably be too big for me now. *sigh*

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