Highland Adventures

At the start of June I scooted up to the Highlands for a weekend adventure with my brother. It was originally my plan to fly to Inverness and do the North Coast 500 road trip all by my lonesome but then sibling interference happened and I ended up doing much of the same as I did during my trip last year. I won’t complain though… I got to see the same landscape I adore but in far nicer weather and with a lot more greenery on display. We also got to see some ‘new-for-me’ things so that balanced everything out.

Getting to see the Glenfinnan Viaduct again was a treat. The last time I visited the weather was awful and I was too exhausted to do any walking so I kind of stared longingly from afar. I did get to go over it in the Jacobite Steam train, which was pretty cool despite having the worst view ever from my seat. This time the weather was warm and we managed to find a spot to take some nicer photos from.

This little sheep on the right hand side was probably most adorable sheep I’d ever seen. He was down on his knees and zooming along the grass at twice the speed of the others. Very determined to eat as much as sheepishly possible!

If you’re around Inverness I do recommend a trip to the Clava Cairns. To think that they’re the 4,000 years old remains of an ancient cemetery is kind of mind-boggling.

All in all I had a nice weekend. Wish I had taken a lot more better quality photos though. Ah well there’s always next time.

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