On The Needles

I am usually very monogamous when it comes to my knitting projects; I set my focus on one thing and knit until it’s done. But somehow I’ve managed to end up with three on the needles and it’s all just a blur of yarn at the moment.

First up is the Mazzy cardigan that I cast on at the start of March as a gift for Mum. Any large garments I’ve knitted in the past has always been constructed top-down, starting small and complex as it takes shape and then usually you’re left with the slightly boring slog of knitting at the bottom to give it length. The Mazzy is knit bottom up which means I had to dive head-first into a repetitive chunk of body knitting but I’m not far off dividing for the arms so hopefully that’ll move a little quicker soon and Mum’ll get her cardigan before the end of May. I’m using good old Cascade Heathers for this knit in the Mallard colourway, which is a lovely deep blue. Wouldn’t mind knitting myself a jumper in that colour.

Second up is an improvised pair of ankle socks for myself. Last month I came across a sock yarn by Little French Meadow which was named ‘Unicorn Poop’ and I simply had to have it. I had every intention of turning the yarn into a pair of Mash Potato socks but after two evenings worth of knitting I decided that the stitch pattern was just too hard on my hands and I gave up. Also all those twisted stitches look pretty but the sock had zero stretch in the foot. I picked a simple beaded rib stitch (I think that’s what you’d call it) instead and went with something more basic. This project is my lunch-time work knit; I’ve been enjoying driving my car to a little sunny spot round the corner from the office and knitting a few rows as I nibble my food and listen to podcasts.

And last but not least… I jumped on a knitting bandwagon and cast on a Find Your Fade shawl. It’s going to be huge and probably take me all summer but I couldn’t resist piling up all my fingering weight yarn to try and find seven skeins that would work together. I’m also quite proud of myself as there is only one skein of commercial branded yarn in my project and all the rest are from UK based indie dyers.

So much knitting to do and not enough time.

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