The importance of having a ME day

Life at the moment is a little hit and miss. Probably more miss than hit, if I’m being honest, but I refuse to let it get the better of me. I need to focus on good things, no matter how small they are; such managing to buy myself a huge bag of Blueberry Pancake tea from the Bluebird Tea Co. before it got taken out of the store, or thoroughly enjoying Beauty & the Beast at the cinema, and even having a little planner overhaul.

Early last week I decided I needed the Friday off work. I made a deal with my boss that I would cancel if my workload wasn’t cleared up by Thursday (it’s been so unbelievably busy) but I managed to pull it off and Friday was mine. The best thing about it was that I didn’t tell anyone else I was taking the day off. I know it seems like such a small thing but I live with my parents and brother and we all work full time so very often a lot of household chores get delayed as long as possible. We all know it needs to get done but everyone is always so tired and we just about manage to clean up after ourselves on weeknights. Suddenly the weekend rolls around and between us it feels like half of it is wasted doing shopping/laundry/cleaning etc. So there is always the expectation that if someone is home for a day they can at least do the washing up.

The thing is that I really do enjoy housework and my plan for at least half the day was to clean clean clean. It just feels better and makes everything far more enjoyable when there are no expectations hanging over my head.

So I spent the morning in Cambridge visiting a few shops (though I didn’t manage the yarn store I was hoping to check out because I had an anxiety attack in my car and could not bring myself to go in… but that’s another story). I did a huge shop at the superstore, came home to blitz through the house like a cleaning machine and managed to do two loads of laundry. After a lovely huge mug of Blueberry Pancake tea and a biscuit, I walked the dog, put a sausage casserole in the oven and sat down to play a new video game on my PS4 for a bit.

It felt good and refreshing to be so productive without the stress of work taking up 8 hours of my day. Everyone came home to a clean house and a hot meal which put them in a good mood ready for the weekend. It cleared my head and I ended up having what was probably the best nights sleep in weeks. Sometimes making everyone else happy is the best kind of ‘me’ day I can have.

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    22nd March 2017 at 9:23 am

    Sounds like you had a splendid day. I’m glad it helped. <3

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