Yarn problems


When I first started knitting I was very much a ‘I want to knit that… let me pick a yarn for it’ type person. I think most people are? It’s the logical approach, in my opinion. But somewhere along the line I turned into a ‘Oh my god this yarn is gorgeous I must buy all the colours and I’ll think of something to knit with it later!’ I think that’s a natural progression into the obsession of knitting, right?

I’ve become a yarn snob. Not something I ever saw myself turning into, but here we are.


I’ve got these two skeins of Arroyo just begging to be turned into something squishy before the new year but I’ve not decided yet. I’m thinking of knitting up a Sundry as a Christmas gift to myself.

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    14th November 2015 at 5:37 pm

    All those colours are gorgeous! I know whatever you do decide to knit will be fantastic, because I’ve yet to see anything you’ve made that I haven’t loved. 🙂

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