Off to the pumpkin patch

pumpkin (1)

Yesterday I took my Nan and Cooper to Undley Pumpkin Patch for a couple of hours. We ate fresh doughnuts covered in cinnamon, traipsed through the maize maze, and then I spent 20 minutes staring at all the pumpkins I wanted to buy but didn’t.

pumpkin (2)

pumpkin (3)

pumpkin (4)

Things I’ve learnt about my dog: never trust his sense of direction. He had great fun running around the maze with us but I ended up following his lead most of the time and we got hopelessly lost.

pumpkin (5)

pumpkin (6)

pumpkin (7)

pumpkin (8)

pumpkin (9)

So I never actually bought any pumpkins. Bought 6 large ears of corn for dinner that night though. They went lovely with our steak. But no pumpkins. In all honesty I wish we had waited until a little later in the month to visit, because I’m hoping to do some pumpkin carving closer to Halloween. Hopefully I’ll go back with my brother before the month is out.

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