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Last week I had the pleasure of spending a long weekend in Prague with my sister. It was exhausting but I loved every moment of it (except the hostel… the hostel was not a pleasant experience at all) and I’m so happy I got the chance to visit again. We were lucky with the weather since the reports before I left promised warm but rainy but it ended up hot and sunny with only a light rain the evening we arrived.

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The first evening Prague was mostly spent hanging around Old Town Square soaking up the atmosphere. We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe, ducked into a couple of places for drinks and spent far too long watching several street performers do their thing. However, our first night in the hostel was an unpleasant experience and we realised very quickly why they provided free earplugs for all guests. The beds were very uncomfortable and though the noise outside was expected, the level of noise from other guests who were still screaming and shouting way into the early morning was not. Next time I’m forking out for a nicer hotel. I’m too old for dealing hostels like that when I go away.

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Our first full day started off back in Old Town Square I was very excited to see that Steve McCurry had an exhibition showing and I very quickly dragged my sister inside. I love his work and it was wonderful to see some of my favourites up close. My sister really enjoyed the exhibition too, which was a bonus.

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Trdelník filled with chocolate. Be still my heart for I could have eaten nothing but these the whole weekend. As it turned out I only ended up eating half the one I shared with my sister but I really really wanted more.

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The majority of our time of that first day was spent in Josefov. I’ve never seen anything like the Spanish Synagogue before. The inside was breathtakingly beautiful! We also spent a good long while walking around the Old Jewish Cemetery, tagging onto other tour groups to listen to the guides tell their tales.

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