Procrastination and apathy


It’s the middle of April and I’m still not sure where all this time has gone. It feels like it was only last week I was getting excited for my trip to Scotland but now that’s happened and I’m feeling lost again. Scotland was the first ‘big thing’ to look forward to for this year but it’s just happened so quickly, I feel like it never happened at all.

I have studying to do, events to plan, and a to-do list of odd jobs as long as my arm to get through! But I come home every day from work and just want to sit in front of the TV with my knitting and wish it was the weekend. Then the weekend rolls around and I can’t really afford to do the things I want to, which makes me miserable… and so I sit in front of the TV and knit. I waste so much time through apathy these days and I know it’s not good for me. I don’t want to do anything and when I do make the effort… I end up wasting so much time doing stupid little things that I fall right back into the “but now I can’t be bothered” mindset.

I suppose the upside of the time flying by is that it’s now spring! The nights are already getting longer and the weather is slowly improving, which makes all the difference to my mood. The long list of places I want to visit using my National Trust membership is looking more appealing by the day because all the stately homes have now opened and the gardens are blooming. I may even have a trip to an alpaca farm on the cards soon, providing I can find the money to do so.

What I need is a good day spend on the coast. A day on the beach always brightens my mood. Maybe I’ll even take my knitting? (Oh please someone stop me from taking my knitting!)

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    17th April 2015 at 8:46 pm

    I’m sorry you feel so blue, love. But, know you’re not alone, if you need someone. I’m always here. <3

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