Gosh, I love arrows.

arrows (3)

Being the giant nerd that I am, it’s always a pleasure to attribute geeky themes to my knitting. The moment I saw the ravelry page for Red Katana my brain screamed: ARROWS. MAKE IT IN PURPLE. HAWKEYE!! and so I went and did exactly that.

You can’t blame me really. It’s a wonderfully simple pattern that’s very easy to follow (as long as you can keep track of the colour changes) and I’m so in love I want to knit more with different colour combinations. I could fill my wardrobe with these scarves in different colour combinations for each Avenger. Argh no I should stop thinking about it or that’s how I’ll spend the next few months.

arrows (1)

arrows (2)

It’s supposed to be a bit squishy because of the garter stitch but I overstretched it a little during blocking so now it’s far more light and airy. It’s also super long which I love! I love this scarf, you guys. I love this scarf.

arrows (4)

Me too, Clint. Me too.

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    28th April 2015 at 3:03 am

    Gosh, I love those colours. 😛

    • Reply
      29th April 2015 at 7:55 pm

      I love how they turned out. Puuuuuuuuuurple!!

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