A cowl for Merlin

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So those delicious yarns I bought finally got put to good use for the Hawick Cowl. Which I named Merlin’s Cowl because I fell in love with Kingsman: The Secret Service just before I started knitting it and I’m convinced this is something Merlin would wear. Or maybe I’m just daydreaming of Mark Strong wearing nothing but an angora scarf? I will never tell.

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I decided to double the cast on stitches to give myself a long cowl I could wrap around twice. That idea worked wonderfully until I blocked it to take out the curl and now it’s stretched out and I’ll have to wrap it three times to get it snug. Oh and it still curls anyway, which makes me sad. There’s just no real substance to it.

I love the tweedy stitch pattern and I love the colours. The Orkney Angora is so squishy and soft it’s like wearing a fluffy cloud around my neck. It really is gorgeous to wear even if I am a little unhappy with how much it curls. I think I love it anyway.

merlin (5)

Meanwhile I’m being a complete nerd and seeing what I could knit up for another Kingsman character or two. Herringbone stitch for Harry, maybe?

Oh no!

Now I’m daydreaming of Colin Firth wearing nothing but a charcoal grey scarf knit out of luscious merino wool.

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