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Christmas is over! Let’s all cheer!! Mine was a good one but I’m happy it’s over and I can focus on everything else. Like my knitting!

I’ve got two main projects on the go at the moment. One is my Seacoast sweater which I actually started back in September. I was fawning over the pattern for a while, not sure if I wanted it to be the one I chose for my first ever knitted sweater but then it was decided for me when Mum bought a whole lot of Malabrigo Worsted for my birthday. I started it back then but got distracted by countless small projects for birthday and Christmas gifts so unfortunately I’ve not made any real headway. The yoke is going extremely slow since a) I’m knitting one of the bigger sizes to cover my ample body mass, thus I’m working with just over 300 stitches right now and b) it’s mostly 1×1 slip-stitches/purling. I’m a slow knitter so all of this is killing me right now. I know once I’m past the yoke it will be easier but I’m struggling to get through the final 10 rows right now.

So to give myself a break from that project, I went and started a Late August blanket yesterday. It’s a centre-outwards pattern so I managed to learn a new cast on and I didn’t mess it up too many times in the first few rows. I’ve just finished the small middle section and am excited to make a start on the blackberry stitches. I can already sense the cramps my hands are going to suffer.

These two projects, when complete, will tick off two boxes on my 2015 goals list. I feel like I’m cheating since one was started in September but who cares, right? The majority of both will be knitted in the new year so that’s how I’m justifying it.

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