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  • naturish

    Happy Leap Day

    Leap days are so strange. It’s just this whole day that didn’t exist last year and it won’t exist next year either. Doesn’t that weird out anybody else? It’s fascinating. Yay…

  • life naturish

    It’s still January

    January is always a mixed bag for me. On the one hand.. yay it’s a new year! I can make plans for the coming months so I have all the things…

  • naturish

    Woodland walking

    As you may know… the UK suffered through a teeny tiny heatwave last week. And by ‘teeny tiny’ I mean an entire week of hellfire and tears. It was awful! After…

  • naturish

    Cherry blossom

    Spring is here and it brings me joy to see the cherry blossoms are in bloom again. The sun is setting about 8pm, the fields are being ploughed and daffodils are…