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  • exploring england naturish

    Alas, no Hobbitses

    My last little adventure of 2018 was to Birmingham where a friend and I spent one morning at Clent Hills and another exploring Moseley Bog. The latter was especially wonderful and…

  • naturish

    I love a good mushroom

    There is a lot to love about the early stirrings of autumn, The cooler evenings, beautiful afternoon light, the gorgeous colours of the turning leaves… but me? I love it when…

  • etc naturish

    And then there was rain

    As I sit and write this I can hear the thunder that has been raging on for a couple of hours now. The torrential downpour of rain has since slowed to…

  • life naturish


    This June has been dry and warm (a little too warm for me) but thee birds are twittering long into the evenings and the sunsets have been beautiful. I’m going to…