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    The summer without rain

    As we crawl towards mid-July I can honestly say that the summer heat is becoming stifling. We seemed to have moved past the endless bright hot days and into a sluggish…

  • life naturish


    This June has been dry and warm (a little too warm for me) but thee birds are twittering long into the evenings and the sunsets have been beautiful. I’m going to…

  • life


    New year. New start. More fun. More knitting. Less worrying.…

  • life


    As the colour fades from everything I realise that the best of Autumn has well and truly passed me by. The fallen leaves have lost their crunch and now everything is…

  • knitting life

    Knitting while fat

    Hey, so… I’m fat. I don’t use the F word to garner sympathy or in hope someone will declare me to be anything but fat. I use it because that’s what…