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  • knitting life

    Knitting while fat

    Hey, so… I’m fat. I don’t use the F word to garner sympathy or in hope someone will declare me to be anything but fat. I use it because that’s what…

  • knitting

    On The Needles

    I am usually very monogamous when it comes to my knitting projects; I set my focus on one thing and knit until it’s done. But somehow I’ve managed to end up…

  • knitting

    Brioche of the yarnish variety

    For a while now I’ve had a little checklist of things I’d like to try out when it comes to knitting. Knit a sweater? Check. Knit a stuffed toy? Check! Knit…

  • knitting yarn love

    Yarn problems

    When I first started knitting I was very much a ‘I want to knit that… let me pick a yarn for it’ type person. I think most people are? It’s the…

  • cooper knitting

    A squishy squash

    Having not bought myself a pumpkin last weekend, I decided to knit one instead. I think it turned out rather well. Cooper decided he liked it too (but I managed to…