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  • knitting

    On The Needles

    Christmas is over! Let’s all cheer!! Mine was a good one but I’m happy it’s over and I can focus on everything else. Like my knitting! I’ve got two main projects…

  • time for tea

    Christmas teas

    Candy Cane 100° water  –  4 mins  –  with or without milk Ingredients: Sri-Lankan black tea, Spearmint, Vanilla, Lime Leaves, Pomegranate flowers, Pink cornflowers, Stevia. ~ CHRISTMAS TEAS!!! I love seasonal…

  • travel

    Travel planning

    Next March I’ll be doing something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. ROAD TRIP! More importantly… a road trip to the Scottish Highlands. I’ve been to Edinburgh several…

  • cooper

    A year with the furball

    It’s been 13 months yet sometimes I still can’t believe I have such a wonderful dog in my life. It’s a strange feeling, to be completely in awe of a puppy.…