Black Forest Gateau tea

black forest

Black Forest
100° water – 4 mins – with/without milk
Ingredients: Sri Lankan black tea, cocoa shells, hibiscus, apple pieces, elderberies, raspberry pieces,strawberry pieces, blackberries, cranberry pieces(cranberry, sugar, rice flour, vanilla pieces, sunflower and calendula petals, blackberry leaves

It’s been 84 years since I’ve had a nice cup of tea!

Ok, whatever, I exaggerate, but it really does feel like it’s been forever. Usually the warm summer weather is never enough to turn me off tea, but apparently this year it did (and again I feel like I’m exaggerating when I say ‘warm weather’ because our summer has been heatwave followed by rain follow by heatwave and then rain and it’s been awful). Over the past 3 months or so I’ve drunk maybe five cups of tea? Six? And they’ve all been my basic Twinings Earl Grey because I’ve not cared enough about what I’m drinking to open any of my countless sample bags from Bluebird Tea Co. I think a lot of them have finally gone past their year long shelf-life. Ugh! I’m just not organised in my tea tasting!

But yesterday it rained and then today it rained and there was suddenly a chill in the air (IT’S STILL AUGUST DAMMIT!) and so I dived into my stash and pulled out an unopened bag of tea. I got lucky because hello new favourite!

I love this tea. It’s smooth and chocolatey but also rich and fruity. Though I find I usually need a splash of milk to take the edge off black teas, I found this one didn’t really need it, though it does make it taste creamier. This tea really does smell and taste delicious and it’s getting added to my list of ‘teas I’ll drink when I want desert but don’t want to feel guilty about stuffing my face‘. Bluebirds Birthday Cake, Vicky’s Sponge Cake and Rhubarb/Custard teas are also on this list. I recommend them all for that sweet treat.

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