Christmas teas

candy cane

Candy Cane
100° water  –  4 mins  –  with or without milk
Ingredients: Sri-Lankan black tea, Spearmint, Vanilla, Lime Leaves, Pomegranate flowers, Pink cornflowers, Stevia.

CHRISTMAS TEAS!!! I love seasonal teas and this year I’ve got three main goodies that are keeping me warm through December. They’re all from Bluebird Tea Co. (I’ve still not managed to work my way through all the teas I’ve bought from there over the last year) and they’re all yummy!

First up is Candy Cane, which I honestly thought was a green tea the moment I opened it because just look at all those spearmint and lime leaves! Ok so I love spearmint. I adore spearmint. But I’ve never had spearmint in tea before so this was a little tea adventure for me and I wasn’t disappointed. Best without milk, Candy Cane is fresh and sweet at the same time, but not overpowering like some minty teas can be. A nice addition to the Christmas tea chest this year.


100° water – 4 mins – with or without milk
Ingredients: Sri-Lankan black tea, Coconut pieces, Cacao bean, Cocoa shells, Dessicated coconut, Mini marshmallows, Chocolate chips, Red cornflowers.

THIS TEA HAS MINI MARSHMALLOWS! Alas this photo does not show any mini marshmallows because I was super unlucky with my first sample bag and it was completely marshmallow free! But the BbTc are an amazing company and a little weepy tweet mourning the lack of fluffy goodness was met with a reply saying they insist on sending me another sample bag for free because I shouldn’t have to go without marshmallows! But then I was too lazy to take another photo but I can assure you the inclusion of said fluffy goodness improves an already delicious tea by roughly 45%. Yes that’s an actual scientific calculation I just made up, but it’s mostly true. Kinda.

But this tea is like drinking a liquid Tunnock’s Snowball and I think I may have squealed with joy just a tiny bit with my first mouthful. It’s another tea that I think tastes best without milk as the added diary seemed to muddy everything together into a a vaguely coconutty drink with no defining flavours.

xmas cake

Christmas Cake
100° water – 4 mins – with or without milk
Ingredients: Ceylon black tea, Vanilla pieces, Almond pieces, Cinnamon, Cloves, Orange Peel, Spruce needles, Snowflake sprinkles, Stevia.

An old favourite from last years seasonal teas came back again and it’s still like drinking Christmas cake in a cup (but with a million less calories to worry about). Just look at those little snowflake sprinkles, aren’t they adorable? And it has actual Christmas Tree in so you can’t really get any more Christmassy than that! Actually I have no idea why there are spruce needles in this tea as it doesn’t add anything to the flavour that I can determine but I suppose it’s a nice touch.

This one is nice with a little almond milk to round out the creamy cake flavours. The only downside to adding any kind of milk is that you lose the slight sparkle in your tea that comes from the dissolved snowflakes. Did I mention they were adorable? Because those snowflakes are adorable!

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